It's only mid-February, but we're excited about the customer stories we've seen so far in 2013. It's shaping up to be a great year for people who want to see and understand their data! We've posted lots of new customer stories this year, with plenty more to come in the months ahead. If you're curious to learn how other customers are using Tableau to revolutionize the way their companies -- and their industries -- do business, here are some videos (new in 2013!) that you'll want to check out. Business Services
  • Deloitte talks about rolling out Tableau to thousands of employees.
  • Citrix discusses the plug-and-play insight their team gets from this “wow product” that “just works.”
  • ACT tells us how anyone in their company can use Tableau, on big data ... and small data.
  • Spokane School District uses early indicators to keep high-risk students in the classroom.
  • Supervalu drives efficiency and productivity at over 2500 U.S. grocery stores by giving managers mobile access to real-time data.
  • Barclays uses Tableau on top of their Teradata installation.
  • EB Lane redefines its clients' marketing strategies with data-driven insight and communications.
  • Amylin supercharges its sales organization by visualizing the story beneath over 100M rows of data.
  • Advanced Bio-Logic Solutions gets drugs to market faster by streamlining the clinical trial process with self-service business intelligence.
  • The City of Charlotte sharpens its analysts' skills with a biannual Business Intelligence Olympiad. This year's top three teams used Tableau.
Real Estate
  • Zillow helps buyers and agents find the perfect home … from over 100M options in their dataset.
  • Smart Media Group analyzed over $1B in political ad spend with Tableau during the 2012 U.S. election.
Web Analytics and eCommerce
  • Cardinal Path blends multiple consumer data sources with Google Analytics data to skyrocket conversions.
  • makes rapid-fire decisions for the world's largest online fashion games community using Tableau.

Finally, here's a short video summarizing how people feel about using Tableau and how it's helped them personally.

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