Crossing the 100 Million Milestone

Three years ago, we decided to launch an experiment: We took our core technology, and made it free. Then, we sat back, and watched. Three years later, we're now celebrating Tableau Public's 3rd birthday (albeit a week late), and more importantly, crossing the 100 million impression milestone.

Truth is, we're amazed at what people have done. Individuals and organizations have used Tableau Public to look at school ratings and sports scores, twitter and earthquakes. At least one person mapped all the data from a cross-country road trip. And then journalists started using it for politics, economics, even crime and justice.

Jock Mackinlay hits the gong
Sr. Director of Visual Analysis Jock Mackinlay bangs a gong to celebrate the Tableau Public milestone.

If you subscribe to Viz of the Day, you know that this is just a small sample of the amazing work that the Tableau Public community is doing. Here is one viz by Kate Golden over at Wisconsin Watch, which she made way back in 2010.

We believe that the world is full of creative people who want to use and share data in beautiful ways. With tens of thousands of authors, and now more than 100 million views, Tableau Public is testament to our belief.

So 'Congratulations!' Tableau Public, and 'Happy belated birthday!' And thanks to everyone who has been a part of the community in the past three years. We're looking forward to many more (and even excited to show off what else we're working on...).

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