Amylin Pharmaceuticals may keep busy developing and commercializing groundbreaking diabetes drugs, but they haven't lost their appreciation for the simpler things in life.

"We think Tableau is the greatest thing since sliced bread," their Director of Commercial Insights, Rommel Fernandez, told us.

Fernandez says Tableau has revolutionized the way he works.

"What would have taken me five hours to do, I can do in one with Tableau. It’s probably greater to be honest with you," he says.

Amylin's Manager of Sales Operations, Danielle Miller, echoes Fernandez's thoughts. "You're able to do so much more," she says. "Tableau puts a powerful tool in the hands of people that need to perform analytics to answer questions."

Amylin doesn't just use Tableau to analyze data; it's also a valuable way to communicate insights to senior management.

"The analysis is just the first step," Fernandez tells us. "But once I've got that, I've got to tell the story. Tableau helps me explain to leadership why based off of this insight, we're making a decision that will impact the organization."

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