Red Bull is a drinks company which is hugely successful at marketing itself as a lifestyle company. It's sponsorship of major sporting events, space-jumping endeavours, and music have built one of the most successful brands on the planet. Using data, what can we learn about the brand? Red Bull generates a lot of content. It shares this across its social media channels using, a branded short domain powered by Bitly. We used Datasift to capture every click on a Red Bull link throughout September 2013. Below is a video showing how we analysed the data:

We've also uploaded some dashboards based on this data for you to explore. Click on the thumbnails below to view interactive versions of the dashboards:

Find out more about Social Media analytics and Tableau

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beside of interesting brand name,easy to remember,red bull also has the great taste compared with other drink company.,and the good marketing plus with social media who,ve been supported,it would increase and will hv good progress in the future.

also the data that has been made has supported by trusted of thousand peoples,its Tableau

Red Bull!! Uhhh YESSSS! For Christmas, everybody should call it, "FAVOURITE." and

i drink red bull myself and i share with friends

I would rather wish Red Bull goes down to the rural places. It would be easy to share.

Is Red Bull drank by saved people and Moslems as well?

redbull is power of energy drink

good health power engergy of the human boddy

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I hope I can be associated with as http://rock.ej/987nmEV

just because people always following popular brands first.

again,red bull has a place and became a favorite drinks for so many people

yes ,red bull can drink by save people also there,s no problem woth moeslim people to drink it

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