Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence for 2014

One of the best things about doing our annual Top 10 Trends presentation is the discussion we have amongst ourselves here at Tableau. It's a good chance to sit down and take stock of the market.

As anyone working with data these days knows, there is a massive wave of innovation in analytics today. Hundreds of companies from startups to Amazon and Google are making breakthroughs. In the best spirit of innovation they are building on each other's work to make astounding progress on new concepts like NoSQL databases and cloud data warehouses.

But technology itself is never the whole story. People and organizations must absorb innovation to make it relevant. We see that happening at a mass level with some concepts that have been around for years, such as Agile Business Intelligence.

So after much discussion, here are our Top 10 Trends in Business Intelligence for 2014.

Here's the list:

  1. The end of data scientists.
  2. Cloud business intelligence goes mainstream.
  3. Big data finally goes to the sky.
  4. Agile business intelligence extends its lead.
  5. Predictive analytics, once the realm of advanced and specialized systems, will move into the mainstream.
  6. Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in an attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.
  7. Storytelling becomes a priority.
  8. Mobile business intelligence becomes the primary experience for leading-edge organizations.
  9. Organizations begin to analyze social data in earnest.
  10. NoSQL is the new Hadoop.

Click through the slides to learn more about each trend. This year each trend includes a link to a report or a video where you can find more information.

With which predictions to you agree? with which do you disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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