You've waited patiently all month and it's finally here: the Best of the Tableau Web for November 2013! I've crawled through the darkest depths of the internet to find you some of the best Tableau related content out there. Enjoy!

Tableau tips

Tableau use cases

  • VizWiz VizCup Champ- Eric Rynerson: Seeing Red: Home Crowds Bay for Blood; Referees Blind
  • Paint By Numbers Exquisite Viz Part 2: The results!
  • ComputerWorld Big data meets Thanksgiving: Favorite foods by State
  • VizCandy Canada's Electoral Voting Districts

Tableau Server

Tableau Jedi

Tableau commentary

Hopefully that will sustain you throughout the holiday season! For more content like this as it gets published, follow our social media guru @acotgreave on Twitter.

The "Best of The Tableau Web..." posts are focused on blog posts about Tableau. If you want amazing Tableau Public dashboards, check out Viz of the Day. For Tableau in the news, check out our newsroom.

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