Stats + Passion = Fanalytics. How Lee Mooney Shook Up The English Premier League

Lee Mooney is an energetic man. He sways from foot to foot and is quick to smile. He’s a big football fan (“Liverpool, for my sins,” he says) and you can imagine him going a bit wild at a match.

He’s also analytical, a corporate analyst by day. Someone who thinks with data as Lee does was bound to start looking at the numbers behind the matches.

And once he did, he started gathering stats on football. And analyzing them. And writing about his results. And because his analysis wasn’t like anything that had been done before, clubs and fans started to notice.

In a new video, Lee talks about his analysis and the discussion it generated in the world of football.

Lee spoke at a Fanalytics event in London at the Tableau Customer Conference. The audience was a range of people from journalists to corporate analysts, all with a passion for data in various realms of their non-work lives.

“Working on something that has no boundaries is incredible,” says Lee. And that's the point of Tableau Public: to let people analyze and share data in the public sphere to start discussions. And to have fun.

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