Dreamforce: does retweeting gain or lose you followers?

We downloaded all the tweets about last week's Dreamforce conference using Datasift, and did some analytics in Tableau. We used the data to demo at the Social Data Day we held at Google's London offices yesterday. Check out Paul Banoub's review of the day here.

When we looked at who had made the most tweets, we were astounded that some people managed to write or retweet over 2,000 times. Surely that would be a way to lose followers? Maybe not...

In the dashboard below, you can see, in the bar chart, who the most prolific tweeters were. They were rakeshistom, blisslogixIT and IanUtile. If you click on their names, you can see that our hunch was wrong - despite the huge volume of tweets they sent over the week, they all gained followers.

Were you at Dreamforce? Did you gain or lose followers? Type your twitter name into the text box in the viz to see what happened you your follower count during the week.

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