Data-Driven Teamwork Drives Millions in Revenue for Insurance Leader SpareBank 1

SpareBank 1 Forsikring, a Norwegian insurance leader, knows—as the adage goes—that talent wins games but teamwork wins championships. The $114 billion group is actually a collective of smaller savings banks that together provide service across the regions of Norway.

And since it's crucial to understand their myriad customers across the country, SpareBank 1 staff encounter lots of data. This customer story explains why the company predicts that Tableau will help them bring in an extra $40 million in just three years.

Before SpareBank 1 started using Tableau, report turn-around time was around two weeks. And because each bank in the group used different formatting, a single report was so timely to create and distribute that it would often be outdated by the time it was viewed.

Although SpareBank 1 Forsikring originally considered five potential solutions to this problem, the list was quickly whittled down to one: Tableau. The runner up, QlikView, was just too difficult to learn and required too much IT intervention.

Now more than 70 staff members at SpareBank 1 regularly use Tableau. And not only does this software help them perform timely and in-depth market analysis, but it allows multiple banks to truly collaborate across the country.

And the time savings and increased business opportunities add up to a projected $40 million in revenue over three years. That's what we call a championship win.

Learn how the Norwegian insurance group uses Tableau for faster, more collaborative analysis here.

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