Valyoo-able Data Insight Made Easier, Faster

e-Commerce companies have access to a wealth of data about their customers' interactions with their merchandise—information traditional brick-and-mortar retailers would love to have. What brought the customer to the site, what they put in their shopping cart only to abandon before purchasing, and how long they spend considering various products.

Of course, data by itself is useless. It’s only when data can be turned into actionable information that it becomes valuable. Or, in this case “Valyoo-able.”

Valyoo is a fast-growing e-commerce firm headquartered in New Delhi, India. The company manages four e-commerce sites:,, and

Since its inception, Valyoo has encouraged a data-focused culture. And this strategy seems to be paying off: the company has grown from 100 to 500 employees in less than a year.

However, the analytics team was hard-pressed to keep up with the demand.

For example, Valyoo knows just how long I looked at these on…

"As an analytics team, it's very difficult when every time somebody has a requirement, you have to go into the database, pull out data, and then create something for them and send it to them," Nikhil Doegar, Valyoo's Head of Analytics and Business Insights.

After evaluating other solutions, including QlikView, Valyoo chose Tableau Desktop to develop dashboards and Tableau Server to publish and share the reporting throughout the company.

To smooth implementation, Valyoo worked with Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a Tableau Gold partner. CRG assisted Valyoo with roll-out, delivered orientation sessions during the upgrade to Tableau 8.0, and assisted Valyoo in other ways.

The company's choice of Tableau is delivering results:

  • 90+ hours per month savings to analytics team
  • 2 hours earlier access to data
  • 4x to 5x (estimated) extension to analytics team’s bandwidth

One particularly industry-friendly benefit is the Google Analytics direct connector that Valyoo is using to great effect.

"As an e-commerce company, the biggest feature which has helped us is Tableau’s integration with Google Analytics,” says Doegar. “I’m sure it’s helpful in many other industries as well, but it is our bread and butter. Having Google Analytics information integrated with our BI tool is a big thing for us—it helps us figure out who are the people buying and who are the people not buying, and if they're not buying, what is the reason for that.”

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