Tableau Forums Update: Introducing the LIKE Button and Badges

Do you have a favorite Tableau forum thread?
Well now you can LIKE it.

Do you enjoy earning achievements for answering questions and creating great materials for new users?
Good news, you can do that too!

Last night we rolled out a set of awesome new features and functionality in the Tableau Community Forums that lets users tell others when they appreciate a thread or a comment as well as earn points and badges for providing quality responses.

The LIKE Button

Ever appreciated a friendly comment or kind word in the forums? Maybe a witty response from one of our many hilarious community members? Now you can help share the positive experience by using the LIKE button to let others know. Anything from questions to ideas to documents, if you think it's cool...LIKE it!


The Tableau Community's core mission is to provide a place where users can connect and help each other see and understand data. We're always trying to help new users learn how to use the Forums, Ideas and Groups pages better as well as reward those more experienced users who spend countless hours working with others to assist them with their questions.

Inside of the Tableau Community it is now possible to earn points and badges for doing everything from searching to providing awesome answers to user questions.

Badges show up in your profile so other users can see all the cool things you've accomplished. Clicking on a badge shows a list of other users who have recently achieved the same thing.

(I would like to take this opportunity to state that I achieved the Glamour Shot badge by uploading this fearsome picture of me in a viking hat)

For a list of badges see the full page here. We'll be expanding it regularly so check back often.

To get more details on these new features and join in the discussion (including ideas for new badges), checkout the conversation happening right now in the Community.



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