How Much Do You Love Tableau?

Want to share how much your organization and/or customers have benefitted from your brilliant Tableau deployment? How much do you love Tableau? Take this opportunity to brag to the world!

How much has your organization and/or customers benefitted from your Tableau deployment? You’re doing inventive things in your field with analytics. You’re moving towards a data-driven culture, and you’ve learned some things along the way. Be recognized as a thought leader by Gartner,TDWI and Ventana Research three of the most well-known industry analyst firms in the world. Share the strides you and your organization have made in a public way and apply for a Business Intelligence Excellence Award. Take this opportunity to brag to the world! Tableau is looking for companies ready to tell the world of their successes with Tableau. Gartner, TDWI, Nucleus Research and Ventana Research all have award programs to honor Best Practices and Excellence in Tableau deployments(and other vendors).

The first close date is this Monday for the Gartner BI Excellence Award. We’ll help you craft your submission and work with you throughout the process. Want to try? Please contact Suzanne Hoffman More information on each award can be found at:

Gartner BI Excellence Awards
TDWI Best Practices Awards
Nucleus Research Return on Investment Awards 2013
2013 Ventana Research Business Technology Leadership Awards

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