Best of the Tableau Web... December 2012

Here's the belated round up of December's blogging activity. If you follow me on Twitter (@acotgreave) you'll find these as I find them. If you published an interesting blog post in December and it's not here, get in touch on twitter and I'll subscribe to your blog.

Special mention for Tableau Christmas cards:
DataRemixed - Ben Jones goes for the Christmas lights approach
Information Lab - this one shows off some new v8 features

VizWiz - How do Facebook use Tableau? Here's a video stream from their TCC12 session - Tableau articles (Intro, SQL Server, CSV) - adventures with the new Tableau 8 TDE API - Tableau tips
Storytelling with data - see how Zen Master Joe Mako won this data viz challenge with Tableau - Tableau articles
The Information Lab - Moving table headers to the bottom (making a table look like a chart) - Tableau tips
Drawing with Numbers - Zen Master Jonathan Drummey explains a common problem with blending data - Tableau tips
Interworks - Brian Bickell introduces his explorations into the new Data Extract API using a CSV - Tableau tips
DataRemixed - How to fight forest fires with data - a nice viz and explanation - Tableau articles
Clearly and Simply - How to build network graphs in Tableau - Tableau tips
Google Analytics - guest post from Ellie Fields demonstrating the Tableau v8 Google Analytics connector
Hot Piece of Apps - quick video tip on cleaning up "Abc" placeholders - Tableau tips
Tableau Love - Viewing performance metrics in Tableau Server 8 - Tableau tips
Tableau Friction - Understanding tabcmd with Tableau - Tableau tips
Tableau Friction - Changing the database server name in multiple workbooks - Tableau tips
VizWiz - Another great chart makeover from Zen Master Andy Kriebel - article
RyRobes.Com - a great look at the anatomy of a well-designed Tableau 8 dashboard - article
Interworks - Kate Treadwell tackles some date calculations in Tableau - Tableau tips
Interworks - James Wright demonstrates a way to create a live connection to a Google spreadsheet - Tableau tips
Health Intelligence - Electric City 2012: a viz makeover - article

Did you write something interesting this month and I missed it? Let me know on Twitter (@acotgreave) and I'll subscribe to your blog's RSS feed.

This list is focussed on blog posts about Tableau. For pure Tableau Public info, you should check out Viz of the Day. For Tableau in the news, check out our newsroom. And if you're interested in what's happening on the community, Shawn Wallwork maintains an amazing weekly digest.

(The blog thumbnail is by Flickr User Jelene.)

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