Tableau expands training offerings with three new courses

As Tableau grows, so have our training offerings. We’re excited to announce the launch of three new trainings and a new virtual option of our popular Fundamentals and Advanced courses.

If you’re already familiar with Tableau and want to hone some of your analytical skills, check out our new Visual Analytics course. If you’re more of a behind-the-scenes orchestrator of Tableau Server, we are now offering two new training courses for you. Lastly, if you’ve wanted to take our Fundamentals course and haven’t been able to join us in the classroom, you can now connect with us virtually with our Fundamentals Virtual Classroom. Read on to learn more about each course.

Tableau Visual Analytics – Full Course Description
This two-day course is designed for users who are already well-versed in the functionality of Tableau Desktop, but want to improve their analysis skills and deepen their understanding of visual best practices. The Visual Analytics course is a great way to add to your visual analysis toolbox. Through demonstrations and real-world activities, you will become a better analyst, designer, and communicator. This course includes extensive hands-on activities to re-enforce the skills and knowledge attained.

Tableau Server Comprehensive – Full Course Description
The Tableau Server five-day training is designed for those deploying enterprise installations of Tableau Server. The course provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of the product including general usage, installation, integration and customization, advanced administration, automation, embedding content into third-party applications, monitoring and troubleshooting, data security, system architecture and process flows. The knowledge and skills acquired are best geared towards somebody architecting and administering a large deployment or a consultant who will be involved in many deployments.

Tableau Server Essentials – Full Course Description
This one-day course is designed for users who will be implementing, architecting, or administering a basic Tableau Server deployment. The Tableau Server one-day training is a great way to learn about all aspects of Tableau Server. This training will include instructions on general Tableau Server usage, administration, automation, embedding content into third-party applications, security topics, and data/row-level security.

You can see a full list of all upcoming trainings here. For questions, please email:

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