Today's To-Do List

Let's be honest... the office is pretty quiet on December 26th and 27th. But, if you are anything like us you'd probably like to salvage something productive out of two otherwise uneventful days. We've got you covered!

With the end of the year at hand, we have been doing a decent amount of thinking about the impact that 2012 has had on us and the places we'll be going in 2013. We might have gone a little list overboard, but read through our Best Of list and it's likely you will find some actionable insight and inspiration you can take into next year.

Quick List:

Make no mistake - BI is moving forward at a blistering pace. Read up to keep informed and get a couple steps ahead in 2013. Too hard to see? Grab the PDF!


Your data doesn't stand still, so why should your dashboards? These new vizes should allow you to creatively attack your datasets next year. That being said, you should never sacrifice understanding or analysis for a fancy new visualization type, but expanding your toolbox will help you to match the right viz to every situation. The best part? You can create all of these with a click in Tableau 8.


From the White House to your house, it’s hard to find an organization or consumer who has less data today than a year ago. By adapting your organization’s data architecture and processes to address the three attributes of big data — volume, variety and velocity – you can improve operational efficiency, grow revenues and empower new business models. What should you expect to do in 2013 to succeed with big data? Read our predictions.


Inspiration for that next analytical bombshell can sometimes be hard to come by. Luckily, we have an amazing store of visualizations and ideas in Tableau Public, and we've created this viz to showcase some of the most meaningful and creative. Click a dot below to explore or read the blog post for more information.


Bring on the new year!

2013 is going to be the golden year for Business Intelligence. We hope you've taken away some great ammunition to make it your golden year as well.

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