Tableau's Customers and Business Take the Media Spotlight

It’s no secret that Tableau customers have great stories to tell. We highlight them on our web site and at our customer conference. Occasionally, the media also take notice of some especially interesting use cases and lately we’ve had a few featured.

•InfoWorld’s Andrew Lampitt profiled eBay’s Tableau deployment in “Big data visualization: A big deal for eBay.” According to eBay’s Gary Dougan, “"Tableau brings value of data to nearly everyone internally. We've seen phenomenal growth; its usage doubles every six months. It lets users explore data across variety of platforms and is used more and more to support strategy."

•Andrew Brust from ZDNet took a close look at Deloitte Consulting’s massive Tableau deployment that will eventually reach 10,000 licenses. The article details why Tableau is the only tool that can meet Deloitte’s stringent business intelligence criteria.

•CIO’s Stephanie Overby spoke with HealthHelp’s CIO Steve Spar to learn more about how the specialty benefits management provider uses Tableau. Spar notes that Tableau has contributed to HealthHelp’s 85 percent revenue growth over the past two year.

While our customers are our stars, we’re also proud to highlight a couple of stories focused on us as a company. Puget Sound Business Journal took a look at Tableau’s roots, our future and our unlikely connection to Bigfoot sightings. Seattle Magazine named Tableau Chairman, CEO and co-founder, Christian Chabot, one of Seattle’s Most Influential People in 2012. And lastly, The Wall Street Journal ‘s Holly Finn spoke with Tableau’s full-time color expert, Maureen Stone, discovers how much color really matters to the human mind.

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