Robert Kosara: his research, life at Tableau, and more

For many of our customers and those in the data visualization world, the name Robert Kosara probably rings several bells. He's a data visualization researcher, former professor at UNC Charlotte and the author of the well-known eagereyes blog. Robert is also now a permanent part of the Tableau team! Robert sat down to chat with the folks at Data Stories about his research, his career switch, and much more.

Data Stories is a podcast about data visualization with researchers Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner. (Check out some of their work, you've probably already seen it before).

In this edition of the podcast, Robert joins as a guest for a substantial discussion about data visualization and his research in the area. He discusses what he did back at UNC Charlotte, why he's so interested in data storytelling and what it's like to switch from academia to be a part of industry.

He also discusses what he's working on at Tableau, which will give you a unique insight into Tableau's focus and future. Give it a listen, and get to know one of our employees just a little bit better!

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