Tableau Public lets you create many kind of visualisations, and that’s the great thing about it; you just need interesting data and awesome creativity. Authors around the world are trying to make sense of their datasets and often end up with an amazing story. The Tableau Public experiment we’ve created provides the opportunity to create vizzes in a way and design that no one could think of. So now that this experiment has been running successfully for a while, I think it’s the right time to take a look at some of the best visualisations made with our app.
This viz is not meant to tell you which visualisation is the best among our selection but rather to give you an idea of 3 important aspects our authors focus on while making a viz. Authors using Tableau always surprise me and it’s a great thing to see people finding new ways to show their story in a clever and beautiful manner. You can find vizzes combining great data and well thought design in the top right corner of the viz, just click on it and you’ll see its author, viz name and source website.

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