TCC12 Thursday Highlights: Police & Cartels; How Data is Changing Public Discourse & Actions

Interested in seeing how Tableau helps public organizations use data to change and improve our world? Check out today's session moderated by City of Charlotte Data Administration Manager Jim Raper at 9:45am in Aqua 311.

Jim Raper of the City of Charlotte

Come hear about...

  • Fairfax County's Crime Analysis Unit and how they author real-time, interactive dashboards to detect patterns, measure officer productivity, and keep the public informed.
  • The Institute for the Study of Violent Groups in Mexico and how they analyzed 7.5 million social media messages and 3,500 data points on cartel attacks to measure public response to the violence.
  • The University of New Haven and how student researchers connect Tableau to open-source data to contribute to the U.S. military’s understanding of attacks against U.S. & coalition forces and civilians in Afghanistan.

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