Tableau’s Visual Analytics Brings Big Data in Google's Cloud to Life

Today at the Tableau Customer Conference in San Diego, Tableau announced the integration with Google BigQuery. The combination of Google BigQuery’s scalable platform for interactive analysis of massive datasets with Tableau, the de facto standard for Big Data analytics, will bring easy-to-use visual analysis to everyone. This is an exciting integration as it enables anyone to quickly analyze massive amounts of data using simple drag-and-drop operations - no coding necessary.

Google understands how to process and manage large volumes of data – at a scale much bigger than most companies. Existing technologies didn’t cut it so Google built their own technology for fast, interactive analysis of massive data. This technology is now available for customers to leverage via the BigQuery service. The result is that customers can now leverage the same technology, infrastructure, and scale that Google uses.

The Google BigQuery connector is coming with Tableau 8.0 and provides live connectivity to data stored in BigQuery. There is no need to extract the data or write complex SQL statements to interact with BigQuery. Any user can connect to BigQuery with Tableau, authenticate using Google’s Oauth protocol, and then easily drag-and-drop data into Tableau for fast, visual analysis.

The following video provides you a quick overview of the connectivity between Tableau and Google BigQuery.

In addition to supporting Google BigQuery, Tableau 8.0 also provides native integration with Google Analytics. The experience is optimized to easily work with Dimensions, Measures, and Date Ranges within Google Analytics. The data is extracted into a Tableau Data Extract to minimize the impact on your Google Analytics quotas. You can incrementally update the extract to ensure that you are working with the latest data.

Customers interested in the connector should contact their Tableau account manager to get access to the Tableau 8.0 beta.

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