Tableau Customer Conference 2012 Fun Facts

We are so thrilled that over 2,200 Tableau customers and approximately 600 Tableau employees can be here with us in San Diego for our 2012 Tableau Customer Conference. Here's few fun facts to jumpstart your #tcc12 knowledge:

  • 2,200 - Customers at our sold-out conference this year. Up from 1,250 customers in 2011.
  • 2,800 - Total attendees including Tableau employees ready to meet and greet you in San Diego.
  • 80 - The average temperature in degrees Fahrenheit of San Diego this week.
  • 180 - Number of sessions at TCC12. Can you say, "We love learning!"
  • 13 - Number of tracks for attendees to choose from. Everything from Tableau Jedi to Cool Customers to Amazing Authoring.
  • 8 - Tableau 8.0, our next version which will be featured in Tuesday's keynote by our co-founders and our developers on stage. Watch it live.
  • 5 - That's right folks, we have five stellar keynote speakers. Psst - Malcolm Gladwell is one of them. See the entire list here. It also happens to be the 5th annual Tableau Customer Conference.
  • 50+ - We're showcasing over 50 customer speakers this week. Be sure to attend their sessions to learn how Tableau has impacted their organization.
  • 20+ - Number of sponsors who are joining us in San Diego for TCC12. Here's the line-up.
  • 1 - Deejay spinning tunes between sessions and keynotes. Request your favorite songs on Twitter using hashtag #tcc12tunes.

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