Everything is Abuzz - Election News, Social Media and TCC12

Everywhere you turn you hear it, you see it - the latest happening in election news and social media, who is tweeting and what they are tweeting about across the country.

This viz put together by Attivio, our Tableau TCC Election Data sponsor highlights projected state-by-state electoral vote outcomes for the election with the latest topics being talked about in the news and on Twitter and Facebook.

When you combine twitter data with attitudinal data, you get a much better picture of the mood of the nation on the day before the election. Click for the live viz.

The election buzz will come to a frenzy tomorrow night when the final votes are tabulated. For those of you at Tableau’s annual customer conference in San Diego be sure to join us in Sapphire for our election watch party. Additional visualizations from Attivio will be showcased throughout the night, including Poll and Social Media analysis, Twitter Spam analysis and Social Influencer analysis.

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