Countdown to the Viz-pocalypse

The Iron Viz Championship is tomorrow at 9:45AM in Sapphire I+M. Here is why you should seriously consider dropping in to see it.

Last years Iron Viz Championship

  1. You will learn something useful. You get to see three Jedi-level Tableau experts create visualizations using all kinds of complex and fascinating viz tricks, as well as the old stand-bys.
  2. You will be on the edge of your seat. The winner of the Iron Viz Championship is taking $2000 home... as well as a new iPad. You can bet the competition will be fierce and the vizes will be insane.
  3. You will be inspired. Sometimes, all we need to go home and start our next big project is a little bit of inspiration. What better opportunity for some inspiration than an epic competition between Tableau experts?

Still not convinced? Well remember, the Iron Viz only comes once a year, you wouldn't want to the the only one who misses out! Come to Sapphire I+M at 9:45 tomorrow morning to get in on the viz action.

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