Think Data Thursday

Back in July our Community Support Engineer, Tracy Fitzgerald, came to me with an idea: What if we made a virtual user group? What if this virtual user group could have regular web conferences where they could talk to each other about things they were doing with Tableau?

And thus was born the Think Data Thursday group(or TDT as we call it).

Over the last 3 months we have seen this gathering discuss everything from table calcs to background images and each time some new trick or some fascinating technique gets shared. I figured it was high time we made sure everyone knew about how fun TDT is.

I'll let Tracy say it in her own words though...

Think Data Thursday is Tableau’s very own virtual user group. Tableau has customers and users that reside all over the world—and in many places there isn’t yet a big enough following to create a full-on user group that physically gets together. TDT bridges this gap of distance and allows users to meet every other week to talk about real life scenarios using Tableau and ask questions and give tips to fellow data lovers.

This week we’ll be talking about Tableau Data Extracts. We’ll start with a brief discussion by some of Tableau’s employees about what is happening behind the scenes when an extract is taken, how to get the most bang for your buck when using them, and how to incorporate extracts with the Tableau Data Server. So bring any questions, real life examples or knowledge you may have to this week’s TDT at 11:00 AM (PST). You can register here:

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