Teradata Partners – See You There!

It’s that time of year where the talented and creative people on the Tableau team are putting the final touches on our activities at the Teradata Partners user group. Tableau is proud to be a diamond sponsor again this year and we have a lot of great events and activities planned, including several workshops about using Tableau with Teradata, a customer appreciation party on Monday night, great customer speakers including Lisa Akahoshi from Verizon and Dana Zuber from Wells Fargo, and more. For more details and to register, go here.

Tableau’s partnership with Teradata is rooted at the technology level. Tableau’s native Teradata connectors make it easy for any user to connect to their Teradata and Aster systems and unlock the insights hidden in their data. The Teradata connector sends optimized SQL statements to the database and pushes down as much processing (calculations, aggregates, predicates, etc.) as possible so that the heavy lifting occurs as close to the data as possible.

Tableau leverages the power, performance and capabilities of Teradata, maximizing customers’ investments in the technology. Tableau also exposes native capabilities of the platform, including Query Banding, LDAP authentication, and the ability to set customized connection level settings using Initial SQL. At the Partners event, we will also be showing off another new addition to Tableau: the Teradata OLAP connector (also known as “TBIO”), which allows customers to visualize dimensional models (cubes) created in Teradata, in typical Tableau drag-and-drop fashion.

On the Aster side of the house, Tableau also has a mature and optimized connector to the Aster Data platform. Similar to the Teradata connector, Tableau pushes down as much processing as possible to the underlying Aster technology to leverage its unique capabilities. One of the new capabilities in Tableau 8 (set for release in 2013) called Custom SQL Parameters, should certainly delight Aster customers. This feature makes Aster’s SQL-MR functions, such as NPATH, easier to work with for the average user consuming a view or dashboard in Tableau.

I encourage you to drop by the Tableau booth (#314) and see first hand why the largest Teradata and Aster customers in the world use Tableau to see and understand their data. We are also interested in obtaining your feedback about other Teradata and Aster capabilities you would like to use in Tableau. We are starting to work on the next set of integrations, so your feedback is timely and important! I hope to see you at our customer appreciation party, at the booth, or one of several Tableau sessions at the conference.

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