Tableau Public Premium (the artist formerly known as Tableau Digital)

Today we renamed the product many of us know and love as Tableau Digital to Tableau Public Premium. Why you ask?

Easy. When explaining Tableau Digital to people it was always necessary to first describe Tableau Public – a free tool that brings data to life on the web . Only then could we go on to talk about how Tableau Digital was a subscription version of Tableau Public that allowed for data privacy and greater limits on storage and data row uploads. But why the middle step? Why not make it clear in the name that this really cool product was based on Tableau Public?

Those were all good questions that we didn’t have good answers for so we decided to make things clearer. Tableau Digital is now Tableau Public Premium.

For those that are hearing about Tableau Public Premium (formerly Tableau Digital) for the first time, it's the fastest way to share Tableau visualizations with the world and still protect your underlying data.

Who uses Tableau Public Premium? Check out the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI). They needed a way to build interactive infographics around hospital performance metrics and display it on their site while maintaining the privacy of the row level information.

Using Tableau Public Premium meant that CIHI didn't have to worry about managing servers while retaining the ability to create visualizations quickly, publish them to the web and then embed them into their public site. The end result? Beautiful interactive content that drove record levels of traffic and didn't require additional hardware or staff.

Bottom line: If you have a story you want to visualize and share with the world while at the same time restrict access to the underlying data, Tableau Public Premium is the solution to check out.

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