Tableau 7.0.9: Chinese, Korean, Congressional Districts, and SAP HANA

With apologies for the overly descriptive title for this post, I'm happy to announce that as of this evening, Tableau 7.0.9 is available. This release includes some important features.

First, Tableau is now localized into Chinese and Korean. What does Tableau look like in Chinese? Glad you asked:

Next, Tableau now includes geocoding for Congressional Districts. That means if you have data about any state's Congressional Districts, you don't need to know the shapes or latitude and longitude of the District. It just works. For example, here's Ohio's population by Congressional District:

It's an image, not live view, as Tableau Public will be upgraded to 7.0.9 on Tuesday. If you can't wait, here's the file. You'll need 7.0.9 to see the Congressional Districts coded correctly.

And finally, SAP HANA is officially in the product, after having been in beta for a few months now.

Next up, a preview of Tableau 8 at Tableau Customer Conference, which is now sold out. So if you didn't get a ticket, watch this space for beta instructions and information on the new features!

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