Being a part of our Tableau Classroom Training team is exciting! What excites us most is how global our training has become. We started out of our Seattle office, and now we're training on five continents.

Yes, we're on five continents...

Classroom Training Map

This month we're staking ground in Mexico City and Sao Paulo. We're so jazzed about extending our courses into South America, we’ve been working on our jazz hands! (Some of us are better than others.) If you can't make it to Mexico City or Sao Paulo this month to visit, we're also holding courses in Toronto, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Columbus, San Francisco, London and St. Louis.

Would rather learn about Tableau from the comfort of your own chair? We also offer our Fundamentals and Advanced courses virtually – now that's worth some jazz hands.

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Looks like in the preview image you have some classroom training on "Null Island" off the coast of Africa :)

Ha! "Null Island" luv it!


I volunteer to conduct the null island class.

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