New report on the value of ERP + Business Intelligence by top Aberdeen analysts

What do you get when you combine ERP data with Business Intelligence? Open exchange of ideas, an environment of accountability, and faster decision-making, say two of Aberdeen's top analysts.

Aberdeen's analysts on Business Intelligence-- David White-- and ERP-- Nick Castellino-- teamed up to look at what happens when organizations apply BI to their ERP systems, with a specific focus on SAP. The results are striking.

"For example, 64% of organizations using ERP with BI have a standard process in place to define and communicate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Only 46% of organizations using solely business intelligence take a similar approach, while only 31% of companies using only ERP do so."

There is also a drastic change in the ability of managers to get information in a timely manner. "when both ERP and BI Co-exist, managers are able to find the information they need - in the time they need it to support their decisions - 73% of the time. For ERP alone that is possible only 59% of the time, on average."

What I've always appreciated about Aberdeen's Best-in-Class survey results and methodology is that their reports show real results with real organizations, not speculation. White and Castellino apply that methodology to produce a compelling paper that is well worth a read.

Today Tableau is also announcing connectivity to SAP BW..

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