Delivering Visual Stories through Viz of the Day

Two years into the Tableau Public experiment, our authors have created thousands upon thousands of amazing interactive visualizations. There are so many, in fact, that we have trouble sharing them all with you. With that in mind, today we are proud to announce Viz of the Day, a once daily feed of beautiful visual stories.

The concept is simple: every day, bloggers, journalists and data enthusiasts from Australia to Alameda to Argentina create hundreds of visualizations using Tableau Public. From now on, every weekday we will share a beautiful, amazing visual story from the Tableau Public library through Viz of the Day. You can sign up to receive these updates on Twitter, through e-mail, or via RSS feed.

Which visualizations are we going to choose? It is impossible to pick just one archetype, but one thing is for certain: they will all be beautiful, meaningful, interactive and informative. The viz below by Peter Aldhous is a great example. It shows the story of nuclear power the world over- and in a beautiful package to boot! Expect to see vizes like this on subjects ranging from sports to business to health to travel. Each new day will bring a new visual adventure to your inbox.

Join us as we explore the diligent work of Tableau Public authors the world over:

If you’d like to nominate a visualization, please do: email

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