DecisionViz’s Lee Feinberg on Big Data

Evolving “data visualization” to “decision visualization” was the first thing Lee Feinberg described to me when we met just over a year ago. Then at Nokia, he was spearheading efforts to help the organization become more data-driven. Now he’s started DecisionViz and is recognized by the BeyeNetwork as an industry expert in the space.

In his recent blog post for BeyeNetwork, Lee walks through how to start tackling Big Data with the power of visualization. Read it to see Lee's guidance about how individuals can help organizations evolve in this direction.

As the founder of DecisionViz, Lee’s now spending his time helping companies, “escape the legacy of reporting data by transforming complex data into simple picture for making decisions.” We’re thrilled that he’s become a Tableau partner to help accomplish his company’s goals.

At our European Customer Conference in 2011, Lee shared some of his thoughts on Tableau's impact.

Congratulations, Lee, on becoming part of the BeyeNetwork, and thanks for your work with Tableau.

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