Congratulations to The Seattle Times for Their Pulitzer Prize

We’re pleased to congratulate our colleague at The Seattle Times for winning a Pulitzer Prize. The citation:

Awarded to Michael J. Berens and Ken Armstrong of The Seattle Times for their investigation of how a little known governmental body in Washington State moved vulnerable patients from safer pain-control medication to methadone, a cheaper but more dangerous drug, coverage that prompted statewide health warnings.

This is a story that had a real impact on public policy and on people's lives. The Seattle Times have been leaders in using data to tell stories, and in this case created a number of visualizations to highlight the effects of Washington State’s methadone policies. Incidentally, Amanda Banerji who came to Tableau from The Seattle Times contributed the graphics on this story.

The Seattle Times team shares the Pulitzer with a team from the Associated Press and also won an award from the Investigative Reporters and Editors group on this story.

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