What is multi-tenancy?

At Tableau, we’re about keeping it simple. Our Professional Services clients appreciate that, and it’s why they’re excited about the new Multi-Tenant feature in Tableau Server 7.

Up till now, Tableau Projects have given my clients good control over how they organize their stuff on Tableau Server. Each Project is like a drawer in a lockable filing cabinet, and that filing cabinet lives in the house that Tableau built.

Multi-Tenancy provides customers with a powerful new way to manage their content. In a Multi-tenant world, my customers can quickly subdivide the Tableau house and add as many rooms as they wish. Of course that room can be locked, too – so they end up with multiple locked rooms, each containing a lockable filing cabinet with as many drawers as they need.

Best of all, the owner of a room won’t bump into their loud, unruly housemates, ever! Multi-tenancy allows my customers to completely partition the server so the user of one multi-tenant site doesn’t even know there are other sites on the server.

The new Multi-tenant feature in Tableau Server 7 has given my customers a great new tool to organize and secure their data and insights. What a great thing!

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