Tableau Server: Remember My Changes

Having a conversation with data can help you gain insights and communicate your points more easily. When you’re talking or thinking about data, you often want to save a reference point of your analysis for reuse or to share with others.

With Tableau Server, you can easily interact with any visualization and save your own perspective of the data using the ‘remember my changes’ feature. This will save a custom view that includes all of the changes that you have made including: filters, parameters, selections, highlighting, groups, sorting, drill downs and selected tab.

With the release of Tableau Server 7.0.2, you can now save multiple customized views for each workbook. This is particularly useful when you want to save different versions of the same view – for example, one with two filters selected, and another with only one selected. Instead of making these changes every time you open the view, Tableau Server can remember your changes as one or more custom views. You can also share, or “advertise,” your customized views with other users. This functionality is now also available when you embed Tableau views in other applications.

We built this feature after talking with and understanding our customers usage when multiple people work from the same workbook, dashboard or view. This makes it easier to reuse your work and do more with your analysis.

Here’s a short video showing the new feature in action:

You’ll have access to this feature when you upgrade to 7.0.2. And if you don’t have Tableau Server yet, you can easily download and trial it from here.

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