From Bill Humphrey: Welcome to Tableau Professional Services

Below is a post from Bill Humphrey. Bill is our newly minted Director of Professional Services for Tableau and we thought it would be useful to share a little about what he and his team are working on.

From the 30,000 foot view, Tableau provides rapid business intelligence for everyone. Our mission is to help our customers see and understand their data. We help you do that faster and more easily than any other application by a factor of 5x-100x. But sometimes, people want to accelerate their success even more – that’s where my team and I come in.

In fact, let’s move down in altitude and look across our entire Customer Solutions group (of which my team is a part). You will find three distinct areas where we can help speed up your success with Tableau.

First, Tableau works hard to provide stellar Technical Support. We assist and help customers with everything from break/fix issues to the ever-expanding, advice-filled KnowledgeBase. Technical Support is in place to provide tactical support for a specific issue and can point you to the right article, forum or on-line session.

Second, anyone can learn Tableau through our free, online training videos and classes. Also, we know that a lot of people prefer a formal, classroom setting – since we started offering regional classroom and on-site training, the courses have been packed. All of these offerings give you a base of knowledge that will help you and your organization achieve success rapidly.

Finally, and this is where my team and I come in, Tableau provides Professional Services. Unlike other software vendors who focus on long installation and deployment projects, Tableau Professional Services are specifically designed to enable our customers to be successful rapidly. We offer a variety of pre-packed solutions ranging from 4 hours of remote Team Fast Track to full Server Rapid Starts. These are designed to be fast hitting and establish ROI quickly. My organization is also in place to provide a variety of “ad-hoc” services including viz tuning, best practices on deploying to specific vertical use cases, Server Sizing, and advice on deploying high availability. These can be packaged up for quick hitting ROI, fast enablement of your project, and rapid deliverables. On the off-chance a customer has a trained staff and still has more work to deliver and not enough arms and legs, Tableau is also there to help.

Moving forward, you will find my team and I active on our Forums, in our blog and in the industry e-magazines. I tend to pop around in the media space and comment or write on industry specific topics (for example, “Capitalizing on Cloud Computing”). You can find some of my team also posting in the Tableau blog:

  • Loic Grange
  • Eric Berry
  • Russell Christopher

Since I joined, I’ve been delighted by our customers’ energy and passion around the platform. I want Professional Services to be the place you reach out to for fast, hard-hitting delivery of key projects and where you can be sure we are working to ensure your success. Please reach out to my team and me. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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