Lights, Camera, Action! Tableau customers share their stories

Back in October at our Customer Conference, attendees were treated to more than two dozen customer speakers. Their topics ranged from specific use cases and tips and tricks to why they chose Tableau and how they drove adoption.

Many of these speakers then joined us at our Las Vegas Encore movie set (at least that’s what it felt like to me). They endured a little makeup and stepped into the bright lights. Then we rolled the camera and captured how Tableau has transformed their world.

These videos offer customers’ first-hand perspectives about the impact Tableau’s had on their teams, organizations – even careers. You’ll hear IT leaders, analysts, and business leaders from myriad industries share how they’ve used Tableau to exploit their data with powerful analytics and data visualization.

As you can see below, the list is long. Let me indulge in a couple of examples to give you a sense for what you’ll hear (no spoilers, I promise).

”PaulUnitedHealthcare’s Paul Lilford expressed his excitement about the ease and cost effectiveness of managing his Tableau deployment. What else does he value? The ability to provide self-service BI to his business users. Paul saw the Tableau adoption grow to 400 users in six weeks!

”TamiTami Williams and her colleagues, Joe Crum and Jac Thiessen, talked about how Tableau helps Millard Public Schools tell the story in a "data way" about their students. The impact? Furthering the strategic mission to improve education for students in their Omaha, Nebraska district.

”David David Stone from eBay described the big data environment that’s the backdrop for running the site. A big element of success is using insights from all this rich data. David talks about Tableau and the role it plays as one of the standard tools to visualize data to get this insight.

We also had a few customers swing by our “studio” who weren’t on the speaker roster. James Pu from China Eastern Airlines explained how Tableau has had a 2% revenue impact on the company – nearly $200 million in revenue!

”ErwanErwan Simon from France’s AREVA Renewable Energy also stopped by. Not only did he describe how Tableau has helped his global team make better decisions, he also gave us our first-ever video in French (subtitled for the Anglophones). Erwan will be telling his Tableau story (in English) at our European Customer Conference in Barcelona, April 2-4, 2012.

Company Industry
Allstate Insurance
AOL Media & Entertainment
AREVA Energy & Utilities
Broad Institute Business Services (Research)
Camelot Strategic Marketing and Media Media & Entertainment
Cheyne Capital Investment Services
China Eastern Airlines Transportation & Logistics
DePaul University Education
eBay Retail (eCommerce)
EMC Software & Technology
First Choice Power Energy & Utilities
Mercer Business Services
Millard Public Schools Education
OptumHealth Insurance
Pacific University Education
Rosenblatt Securities Investment Services
Service Corporation International Business Services (Deathcare)
UnitedHealthcare Insurance
Univ. of California, Irvine - Medical Center Healthcare

We also produced a series of topical videos in which customers shared common thoughts about the value they derive from Tableau.

I’ve spent the last nine months working with these customers in the run-up to Las Vegas and the ensuing video production cycles. They’ve each gone above and beyond to carve out time and share their Tableau experience. It’s been my pleasure to work with each of them. Thank you all for your time.

Now…break out some popcorn and find a cozy chair. You’re in for another treat.

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