Wow, you data geeks are a pretty funny bunch. But we knew that.

Thanks so much for helping us celebrate the launch of Tableau 7.0 and participating in #StuffDataGeeksSay!

We appreciate all of the great questions, comments, feedback and most importantly wordplay. We wanted to share some of our favorite tweets so far and make sure you keep it going!

So don’t stop now. Remember, you have the next 48 hours to continue to tweet and we'll pick the best quotes (think re-tweets, comments, etc.). Then next week we will be doing another video of #StuffDataGeeksSay and we will send the people whose quotes we use a Tableau t-shirt!

Here is how you can get engaged:

  • Twitter: Tweet us @Tableau with what you heard - be sure and include the tag #StuffDataGeeksSay
  • Facebook: If your quote is longer than 140 characters, then post it on our face book here
  • Blog: Post your quote below in the blog comments

Be sure and check out the Tweets so far.

If you still haven’t tried Tableau 7, check it out here.

Stay tuned for another blog post later in the day with a Viz to show you the action in realtime!

Again, thanks for the support. It's been a fun day and we are excited to see what you guys post next!

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Dear Abby, some of my dear friends think analysis is looking at a grid of numbers as a crosstab, one variable, one time window at a time, waiting 15 seconds between view changes. Please help!
Sincerely, DataGeek

Dear DataGeek,
Tableau 7.0 is the cure to ALL of their problems. Be gentle, but firm when you suggest such a radical change. Don't worry - soon they will wonder how they did ANY analysis without it.
Sincerely, Abby

Can I get a detailed pie chart, comparing our (45) product lines over 5 years so I can clearly see what's happened to our product mix?

Do you tableau ?

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