#StuffDataGeeksSay - The Follow-up

Thanks so much for helping us celebrate the launch of Tableau 7.0 last week. As many of you know, for this launch we wanted to have some fun so we made a tribute to Data Geeks world wide, since we are your biggest fan!

For the launch of Tableau 7.0 we made a little video about #StuffDataGeeksSay, which was a huge success.

We asked everyone to comment on the video, submit their favorite "quote/s" and we would pick 48 of them over 2 days (one per hour). In return, we would send you a t-shirt AND create asecond installment of #StuffDataGeeksSay using YOUR QUOTES!

With that Tableau brings you, #StuffDataGeeksSay Part Deux!

Over the last week we learned that Data Geeks are much more funny then we are here at Tableau, there were so many great quotes it was hard to choose. You can see all the winning tweets here. We hope you had as much fun as we did and we appreciate all of the great questions, feedback, tweets, comments and wordplay.

For a complete listing of all the tweets from the #hashtag check out the #StuffDataGeeksSay Tweets here.

Stay tuned, we have more planned with this #StuffDataGeeksSay coming soon...

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