#StuffDataGeeksSay Day In Review

Thanks so much for helping us celebrate the launch of Tableau 7.0.

Tableau 7.0 is our biggest release to date, but it is not without your help. We love 7.0 so much we wanted to do a tribute to all the Data Geeks out there who have supported us through the years, so we made a little video about #StuffDataGeeksSay.

Almost instantly after the release of Tableau 7.0 our blog was hit with steady visitors, Twitter and Facebook were abuzz, and data geeks drove in masses to download Tableau 7.0 while discussing the #StuffDataGeeksSay video.

Click here to see a couple of our favorite quotes from #StuffDataGeeksSay twitter stream.

As promised, we also created a #dataviz so that you can visually see the activity throughout the day.

Remember, you still have 24 hours to think of some great #StuffDataGeeksSay quotes and submit to Tableau. Here is how you can get engaged.

For a complete listing of all the tweets from today check out the #StuffDataGeeksSay Tweets here.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we close out the campaign and select our favorite quotes. You will receive a free Tableau T-Shirt and your quote/s will be included in our next installment of #StuffDataGeeksSay.

Thanks again for making the launch of Tableau 7.0 and #StuffDataGeeksSay a success!

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