#StuffDataGeeksSay - And That's A Wrap!

Thanks so much for helping us celebrate the launch of #Tableau7 and #StuffDataGeeksSay! Like we said before, you data geeks are a pretty funny bunch!

We hope it was as much fun and useful for you as it was for us. We appreciate all of the great questions, feedback, tweets, comments and wordplay.

Tweet Stats:

  • We had over 300 tweets about #StuffDataGeeksSay
  • Of those, over 40% were re-tweets. You must have enjoyed them as much as we did.
  • Best of all, 50 of you are getting t-shirts. We wish we had more time, because everyone deserves one.

Unfortunately we had to choose some of our favorites even though every tweet, quote and comment is near and dear to our heart.

The criteria we used was the following:

  • Does it relate to data.
  • Is it something a Data Geek would say. (some were hilarious but not applicable)
  • How many re-tweets, comments, etc. did the tweet have.
  • Which tweets did the Tableau Data Geek team like the most.

After a very complex mathematical process (actually it was just addition), we chose our winners!

If you're tweet is on here, send us an e-mail: social@tableau.com with your name, address, and shirt size (e.g. Men's Medium). And, again, thanks for the support.

If you still haven’t tried Tableau 7, check it out here.

Twitter Handle Tweet
@wadetibke #StuffDataGeeksSay - Don't give me aggregated data.
@AliceAsya #StuffDataGeeksSay - It's not a line, it's a pipe.
@elissafink #stuffdatageekssay "Take out those 7 outliers and you'll get a completely different result."
@elissafink #stuffdatageekssay "The results may not be statistically significant but they are directionally correct" @tableau
@letsviz #StuffDataGeeksSay "Whats the p-value?"
@mcristia #StuffDataGeeksSay #Tableau @joemako "You'll need a double dual-axis map with an Advanced Table Calc for that! Simple!"
@elissafink #StuffDataGeeksSay I seriously just overheard this: “Excel? Oh, how you hurt me.” @tableau
@suziswim #StuffDataGeeksSay That would be so much better as a graph. Can I do that? Please, oh please ?
@AliceAsya #StuffDataGeeksSay Yes, I can make these numbers look pretty for you.
@edsnow @tableau "A WORDLE? Oh, I think I just threw up in my mouth." #StuffDataGeeksSay
@MichaelJelen @Tableau "Amateur hour, he's got more Cartesian joins than a West Virginia family tree" #StuffDataGeeksSay
@matthew_wakeman @tableau "Excel? Where we're going, we don't need Excel."
@mmarie @tableau "Ugh... that is not a correct use of a bullet graph." #StuffDataGeeksSay
@Ertter @tableau "You gonna analyze something or just stand there and bleed?" #StuffDataGeeksSay
@matthew_wakeman @tableau Do you want normalization with that? #StuffDataGeeksSay
@matthew_wakeman @Tableau Does your model support that... or are you just guessing?
@FMCGeek @tableau No Big Data won't fit into Excel 2003 cos it needs more than 65 536 rows.... #StuffDataGeeksSay
@rockdrigotoca @Tableau This graph clearly shows an Interocular Traumatic Impact
@rockdrigotoca @Tableau What's mined, is yours #StuffDataGeeksSay
@oswaldxxl @tableau You are welcome to keep your spreadsheets, but you have to make sure they are accurate. #StuffDataGeeksSay
@acbeers A non-interactive chart. How... cute. #StuffDataGeeksSay
@sanchezenschede According to my personal scatter plot, my number of Facebook friends weighed against my time online is in harmony #Stuffdatageekssay
@gesserta Come on data you can do it! Run data run! #StuffDataGeeksSay
@Stvnjohnson Give it to me raw. The data, I mean. #Stuffdatageekssay
@LdsWebAnalytics I can see this conversation is trending in the wrong direction #stuffdatageekssay @tableau
@jeremyforan i increased up close rate %9 #stuffdatageekssay
@eleanorpd I just couldn't take him seriously after he used that 3D bar chart in the quarterly presentation. #stuffdatageekssay
@LeaSynePica I put the anal in analytics. #StuffDataGeeksSay @tableau
@atifshaikh I was like her according to Pearson-R; we were both Outliers #StuffDataGeeksSay
@Wilson_Po I'd like to learn more about your backend #stuffdatageekssay
@datarockstar I'm a numberjack and I'm OK #StuffDataGeeksSay
@ariaofgrace Is your data normalized? @tableau #stuffdatageekssay
@Biff_Bruise My #dataviz Twitter list is followed by Edward Tufte. #stuffdatageekssay @tableau
@Ajenstat My data can beat up your data. #StuffDataGeeksSay
@LdsWebAnalytics My sample size is bigger than yours. #StuffDataGeeksSay @tableau
@LesageD OK, #Tableau makes pretty and relevant charts, but it has not yet been able to do my coffee. #StuffDataGeeksSay @tableau
@MarkBradbourne Pie charts are for rookies #Stuffdatageekssay
@daniel_egan That graph is HOT.
@Mullinsmcd To apply the SMART process we need some dummy data #Stuffdatageekssay
@Biff_Bruise Ugh. I can tell they just used the default chart settings in Excel. #stuffdatageekssay @tableau
@sfrechette Wait, did you... did you just do that?
@eleanorpd What people refer to as #Hadoop is really a collection of related technologies. #stuffdatageekssay
@danulf What's your p-value? #StuffDataGeeksSay @tableau
@TableauDataNerd Will it blend? #StuffDataGeeksSay
@acotgreave WWJMD? what would joe mako do? #stuffdatageekssay @tableau @joemako
@Tarikb Yes its accurate, well based on the data you supplied it is. #StuffDataGeeksSay
@GF3L You can do this in Excel... Oh... wait #StuffDataGeeksSay
@TenSecondCynic You're pronouncing Hadoop wrong. #StuffDataGeeksSay
@data_monkey You're using the mouse? How quaint. #Stuffdatageekssay

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