Democratizing Data Everywhere, Starting at Home

Today was a big day for Tableau and our current customers and new fans. Our release of Tableau 7.0 is right around the corner, and to celebrate we're taking our latest and greatest on the road, starting in our own backyard.

The Tableau userbase spans industries, company positions and technical skill levels. People of all stripes use Tableau to answer questions they have of their own data--whether it's to make game-changing business decisions or to tell great data stories.

Nearly 200 of those data enthusiasts packed our very first domestic roadshow stop--our hometown of Seattle--to just standing room only.

We began with our Chief Marketing Officer, Elissa Fink, who shared Tableau's vision to help everyone see and understand their data, along with customer stories to showcase the impact of that goal.

What followed was an in-depth demo of Tableau 7.0 and its many new features: new chart types, new enterprise capabilities, a new data server. The audience was as delighted to see the new version in action as we were to show them! Our own customer Yesenia Garcia of Spring Creek Group was glad 7.0 was finally here, and shared this photo with us.

While many seasoned Tableau users loved the improvements to filled maps, area charts and date features, the real treat was to see the non-Tableau users' reactions, people who had heard of Tableau and wanted to see what the buzz was about. Their eyes weren't glued to the improvements and streamlined capabilities version 7 brings to the table; they were wowed by automatic geocoding, a drag-and-drop interface and simple dashboard filters--already existing capabilities that reflect the core of what makes Tableau tick: making data accessible to everyone.

And by everyone, we do mean everyone. Earlier in the day we simultaneously kicked off the European leg of our roadshow in Paris, and in French too. Many of our existing European customers and partners are in the city, and a mixture of more than 70 people--not-yet customers included--showed up for a glimpse at what Tableau 7 offers.

Of course our French friends were excited for Tableau 7's new features, but what made the biggest splash was probably the simple, yet crucial improvement to Server: it now can be localized in French.

We've been working hard to make their experience even better, to make data more accessible to even more people. That's what Tableau 7 is about, and it's coming soon. Get ready everyone.

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