Democratizing Data in the Capital

What would our goal of democratizing data everywhere be without going to the center of all things politics? As we entered into the second half of our road show, it was only appropriate that we'd stop by the US capital of Washington DC and its neighbor Reston in Virginia.

The audiences at these locations were a little different from previous events due to the larger presence of federal and other government-related organizations, but they were equally excited about Tableau and seeing how 7.0 will help them make better and more informed decisions with their data. We love seeing Tableau adopted in all different industries, including government!

Data server took center stage at both events, with the ability to share data extracts and maintain one data source a huge crowd favorite. Though other features, such as date drill down and the addition of more data connections remain popular. It was also one of the times people really praised the new use of parameters, including the ease of creating a parameter-controlled 'Top N' filter.

We're entering the final legs of our North American road show tour. There's still time to sign up and see what all the buzz is about!

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