BSI: The Case of the Dropped Calls

We have all been there: talking on our new phone and all of a sudden, we are talking to ourselves! Dropped calls happen millions of times every day and analyzing the reasons behind the drops and the various responses available to the service provider can help maximize customer retention and success. Take a look into this fictional case study of how Teradata and Tableau can work together to do just that.

Although the characters described in the film are fictional, the situation is common to businesses worldwide. Without an efficient database and an excellent visual analysis tool to connect it to, those companies with big data are unable to understand and solve the problems in front of them.

In this situation, millions of records in a Teradata box can be leveraged by Tableau to evaluate where dropped calls are most common and develop new towers to address the problem. Of course, once the problem is fixed, Teradata and Tableau make a perfect team to report to other team members and explain how the "Case of the Dropped Calls" was solved.

Learn more about this process on Teradata's slide share of this project.

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