7.0 Road Show: Still Breaking New Ground at Home

As we wrap up the final North American legs of our tour, it's a great chance to reflect on how far we've come. We've grown a lot in our home country through the years, but of course we're still finding new people to share Tableau with and creating new data enthusiasts along the way.

We've seen some of our most packed houses in the past couple of days in Chicago, Houston, Denver and Vancouver BC. This is even with thunderstorms and tornadoes in Houston, and Tableau having never had an event in Vancouver before. Lots of attendees were actually relatively new customers, and so it's great to see them turn out for the events as well.

An almost 200 strong crowd in Chicago.

Vancouver in particular was a special event, with many customers delighted to have us finally in their town with a special treat in having Chief Development Officer and co-founder Chris Stolte at the event, who is actually from Canada himself!

The crowd at our inaugural Vancouver event.

Excitement was high across all cities, with major shout-outs to the data server, area charts and easier date manipulation. We were happy to see so many people stay after the presentation to get a closer look at 7.0 and ask questions with some of the Tableau staff, and there are a lot of questions out there, including where our version 8.0 is headed. We're working on it!

The Denver crowd saying hello!

While this week wraps up the North American leg of our tour, there's still Australia roadshow events, and also the Tableau European Customer Conference coming up soon!

Customers are coming up with even more clever "Tableau is..." taglines!

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