Tableau through the Eyes of the Media

Tableau customers are enlightened when it comes to the benefits of seeing and understanding data, but one of the challenges we face is letting the rest of the world know. Taking our story to the masses through the media has helped Tableau to share our story and our customers’ successes. It has also given us a voice as we help to shape the future of BI.

We’re honored to be featured in some of the top business publications in the U.S.:

Fortune contributor Richard Nieva featured Tableau co-founder Pat Hanrahan in an article in the Nov. 21 issue. The article traces Pat’s career from Pixar and Stanford to Tableau and says that our software, “marries data computation with beautiful graphics.”

Forbes contributor Dan Woods featured Tableau for the publication’s “Growing your Own Data Scientists” series. Pat Hanrahan, answers the question, “What is a Data Scientist?” He points out that, “In the contemporary enterprise, almost everyone will need to have data-science skills of some kind.” He goes on to provide the key skills for becoming a truly valuable data scientist rather than just “data enthusiast.”

•Dan Woods also spoke with Tableau CEO and co-founder Christian Chabot for a Forbes article on “An Agile BI Maturity Model.” Christian defines what he considers to be the model, which reflects how people actually adopt and begin to reap value from Agile BI.

• featured Pat and Christian in, “Steve Jobs Disciple Gets Graphical With Big Data Analytics.” The article concludes that, “The planet will probably end up generating a couple zetabytes (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) of data in 2011, but would the average person have any idea what to do with any of it? Likely not. Even within the enterprise, only a handful of employees can make meaningful sense of it. But Tableau aims to change that.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Venture Capital Dispatch Blog posted a nice piece on Tableau as part of a series profiling start-ups that are having success in big data. Tableau customer Aspire Public Schools was mentioned and the article linked to several Tableau Public vizzes.

In the UK, Tableau customer Irish Life shared its data analytics success with several publications. CIO UK, Insurance Business Review and Computer Business Review all covered the deployment.

If you’re a Tableau customer or partner and would like to tell your story, please contact Doreen Jarman at We’re always looking for successes to share.

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