Top 5 Vizes of November

From Italian politics to IPO's and Ereader wars, it has been a great month for vizing on Tableau Public.

  • Is IPO Investing Worth It? - Inside Investor Relations shows us why it's good to be an insider... and why the rest of us should probably shy away from IPO's.
  • Twitter Predicts Presidential Race Leaders Mashable shows us how Twitter spikes precede polling numbers. Social media is on the front lines in this race, to be sure.
  • The Fall of the Center Right -Italian site Termometro Politico used this viz to show the quick divergence in Italian politics of late. Beautiful and interesting at the same time!
  • The E-Reader Wards - If you are interested in an e-reader you definitely want to check out this viz which shows the sentiment on Twitter about the latest offerings.
  • Humanitarian Aid - The Globe and Mail made this stunning tabbed view of humanitarian aid.

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