Tableau on Tableau with Wade Tibke

David Dunham, aka @radiofreelunch, attended Wade Tibke's talk "Tableau on Tableau" about how we use Tableau internally in Marketing, Development, sales, and Operations. These are his thoughts.

Why are these your KPIs? Lots of people don't know.
It takes 30 minutes to make a dashboard with Tableau. It takes a lifetime to make it perfect.

Wade showed off a big spectrum of visualizations created in Tableau. At one point he said, "Chris Stolte's visualizations look like candy."

Best practices that we use internally include:

  • Simple works best
  • Dashboards should answer one primary question
  • Integrate analytics with workflows and apps
  • Promote your work

Interested in more? Check out Wade's Whitepaper: Visual Scoring, the 360-degree View.

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