Sneak Peek: Hadoop and Tableau Demo

Hadoop is hot. It's hot because it works well with big data, messy data and nested data like is often found in XML files. Senior Software Engineer and Data Rockstar Robert Morton has been working with Apache Hadoop from Cloudera here at Tableau, writing a connector from Tableau to a Hadoop cluster. Here's a first look at what he's been able to do. In this demo Robert covers:
      The easy connection from Tableau to Apache Hadoop from Cloudera
      Working with XML data in Hadooop
      Working with nested data and tuning your workload to your cluster
      Using Hadoop together with Tableau's in-memory data engine
The great thing about using Hadoop with Tableau is that you get all the powerful capabilities of Hadoop without having to do anything different in Tableau-- just connect to your cluster as you would any other data source. The other great thing about Hadoop and Tableau is that it should be available very, very soon. Want to find out more?
      If you're using the Tableau 7 beta, you already have the ability to connect to a Hadoop cluster. Just look in your Data Sources window.
      If you're a customer and want to try it out, contact us to get on the beta.
Or watch this space for more news about Hadoop and Tableau.

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