Jedi Tricks with Marc Rueter

Field notes from Jennifer Vaughan, Product Consultant, at #TCC11:

A session packed with tips and tricks of Tableau and better ways to analyze your data, from the Jedi master himself Marc Rueter, AKA @tableaujedi.

The line after the session to meet Yoda, I mean Marc, the Jedi master.

There are a lot of different ways to combine data into a richer experience. Marc shows the audience how to see multiple levels of your data using multiple marks and dual axis. A bar chart of sales by State now with a Dual axis allows us to plot the sales by zip code as circles.

From this:

To Wow:

One of the major themes in this talk was that by considering multiple levels of your data – summary results and breakdowns at the same time -- you can get great insight. Marc covered multiple marks on a map, filters and actions, and some wicked calculated fields.

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