Another post from Vanya Tucherov, Tableau QA Engineer, at the Tableau Customer Conference:

One of the hidden gems which may linger unnoticed by many Tableau Customer Conference attendees is Tableau Doctor, where you can bring your data and questions and have the opportunity to sit down with a Tableau staff member- largely drawn from the Development, Quality Assurance and Customer Support groups- and have the opportunity to operate on your data with someone who can bring a fresh perspective and perhaps some inside insights to bear.

Although doctor appointments are in high demand, there may still be a few openings, so if you have unresolved questions concerning any aspect of Tableau, you may want to act quickly to capitalize on the opportunity to work with an expert.

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This is a great opportunity if ever to meet and to have a conversation with a Tableau Doctor. Hope there is also an special day or week that can people can celebrate and talk about Tableau with doctors and other participants.


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